Who are we?

Creating Reality” is a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries, researchers, therapists, and other interested parties, who are exploring together principles and methods for creating positive reality and beneficial entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to create a practical comprehensive method that enables people to understand the positive things they want to achieve, and guides them in turning these dreams into reality. Read more here…


We explore subjects such as: vision, passion, values, ethics, beliefs, mission, destiny, goals, plans, processes, effectiveness, efficiency, creativity, excellence, productivity, manifesting, visualizations, motivation, procrastination, time management, prioritization, stress, social influence, leadership, public speaking, writing, presentations, habits, self discipline, resilience, courage, resourcefulness, effort, willpower, gamification, happiness, positive psychology, positive intelligence, success, and much more.

The process of writing this website

This website is constantly under construction. We are not publishing it one complete page at a time, because we want to streamline our writing. Instead, almost every page is a draft containing some points about one topic, and we gradually expand it over time.


We encourage you to contact us and let us know what you think about the contents here and how we could improve this website. If you would like to join forces and work together on investigating these topics, let us know!

Enjoy! 🙂